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High-quality, natural powdered green tea.

Our tea dry extract is meticulously processed to ensure exceptional purity, free from contaminants, and rich in beneficial bioactive compounds.

Green tea is one of the few plant that contains antioxydants in high concentration (polyphenols, flavonoids, EGCG). Those bioactive ingredients have been linked with some health benefits.

Wether you are formulating beverages, supplements or cosmetics, our standardized dry extract is a versatile ingredients that adds the distinctive flavor profile and potential health benefits of green tea. 

We adhere to the highest compliance, safety and quality. Our extract undergoes rigorous testing to meet and exceed customer expectations.

green tea leaves used for green tea extract

Common name

Green tea

Botanical origin

Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze

Extract type

Dry extract


≥60.0% of total polyphenols, ≥40.0% of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate, ≤0.1% of caffeine by HPLC

Health benefits

Antioxidant activity, Body weight balance, Tonic
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