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Melissa officinalis extract

Lemon balm  is an herb that belongs to the mint family and is known for its lemony scent and mild, citrus flavor. The leaves has been used traditionnaly for years for various purposes.

This extract is derived from the leaves of the lemon balm plant and is often used for its potential health benefits and flavoring power.

The dry powder extract we developed is a concentrate of the active ingredients found in the finest melissa officinalis plants we source.

The application is easy and versatile since it has both organoleptic qualities due to aromatic volatile compounds (citronellal, geranial…) and active ingredients (flavonoids, phenolic acids…) allowing it to be used in distinct sectors : Food & beverages, food supplement and cosmetic.

Lemon balm extract

Common name

Lemon Balm

Botanical origin

Melissa officinalis L.

Extract type

Dry extract


≥ 10.0% of hydroxycinnamic derivates calculated as rosmarinic acid

Health benefits

Healthy mood
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