” Our specialty has been for 100 years, the heart of Limousin oak, its extraction and its applications in the world of wines and spirits. 

On the strength of this experience and in order to meet the requirements and developments in the field, we have formulated oenological tannins and oak extracts. 

Our different ranges of high quality plant extracts fully satisfy our customers with their variety and innovation in their design.”

                                                                                                                                       Pierre Jarraud

Find out how Quercyl develops its plant extracts and the competitive advantages they can offer you : 

Selection of the best botanical origins

We pay particular attention to the selection of raw materials, from which we proceed to our extractions. We select the best botanical sources and the best geographical origins.

We only keep the richest part in extractable components, in order to optimize the organoleptic interactions of our plant extracts and oenological tannins with your alcohols.

Traditionnal methods identical to cooperage

For more than a century, we have been using traditionnal methods for splitting wood and the drying of the staves thus obtained. 

This know-how allows us to increase the quality of the wood before proceeding to its possible heating, then its extraction, always respecting the heritage of cooperage.

Innovative extraction methods

From our first patent in 1920, we put innovation at the heart of our strategy. We have constantly modernized our extraction methods in order to offer the best extractable nautral components.

We proceed to a succession of slow extractions to preserve the purity of the plant and reveal its natural compounds.

Unique traceability offering flawless security

We control the entire production chain : from the sourcing of the raw material to the production of the extracts. This allows us to control from A to Z each production which is subject to numerous checks throughout the process.

In addition, our extracts comply with the many standards relating to the development of food products : HACCP, GMP, ISO, Halal, Kosher, Non-GMO…

Our ranges can bring you competitive advantages :

Reduced production costs by extending barrels lifetime.

Reduced storage costs : our extracts accelerate aging, reducing associated costs.
A more efficient aging process : reduction of aging time in barrels, reduction of costs inherent to angel's share.
A simple application principle compared to other wood alternatives (staves, sticks, wood chips etc...).
Respects the characteristics of alcohols while developing color, structure and of course aromas.
Uniform, fast and controlled results thanks to a precise dosing system. Compose an alcohol with a very specific style and profile.
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