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Premium Milk thistle standardized extract.

Originally from the Mediterranean basin, milk thistle has been used since Antiquity for its therapeutic properties, particularly to help with digestive disorders or liver diseases.

Our high-quality powdered dry extract is manufactured from the fruits of the Silybum marianum plant. 

As a premium supplier, we meticulously process the raw material and standardize the final extract to ensure the highest concentration of silymarin – a mixture of flavonolignans like silybin, silydianin, and silychristin – providing you with an effective and premium botanical extract.

Milk thistle extract

Common name

Millk thistle

Botanical origin

Silybum marianum

Plant source

Fruit without pappum

Extract type

Dry extract


≥ 50.0% ≤ 60.0% of silymarin calculated as silybin by HPLC according to Ph. Eur. (corresponding to NTL 65% according to DAB 10 ≥30.0% by spectrophotometry)

Health benefits

Antioxidant activity, Healthy liver
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