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Oak flavoring extract : Elevate your beverages with our "équilibre" blend.

Discover the unparalleled deepness and richness of oak flavoring with Quercyl’s oak extracts.

Imagined by us, the Drajauryl C is an expertly curated blend of French oak – raw, roasted, and toasted. Uniquely formulated, this oak flavoring extract captures the essence of oak, providing a versatile and convenient solution for beverages and other applications.

With its myriad of qualities, it is an ideal choice for enhancing mid-range spirits. Perfect for both vinification and aging, the Drajauryl C infuses alcohols with the distinct woody characteristics derived from its diverse oak species composition.

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Provides the woodiness necessary for maturing the best spirits.
Develops new qualities of aromas integrating both the new wood of the barrels and the nuances resulting from the classic treatment of the slightly heated staves.
Harmonizes the taste of spirits.
Improves structure and color.
Brings roundness and aromatic complexity.
Accelerates aging.
Our other oak extracts
Drajauryl A

Natural extract of toasted French oak heartwood, intended for the vinification and ageing of spirits and brandies.

Drajauryl B

Natural extract of toasted American oak heartwood, intended for the vinification and aging of spirits and eaux de vie.

Drajauryl C

Specific formulation of natural “tradition” oak extracts, intended for the aging and vinification of high-end spirits.

Drajauryl D

Specific formulation "équilibre"of natural oak extracts, intended for the aging and vinification of mid-range spirits.


Natural extract of French oak heartwood intented for the vinification, aging of spirits and brandies.

Extrait chêne américain, tanin de chêne, oak extract
Quercyl A

Natural extract of American oak heartwood for the aging of spirits and brandies.