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American oak extract : elevating beverages with natural excellence.

Oak is a key player in winemaking and when it comes to alternatives to traditional oak barrels, american oak extract stands out as an optimal choice.

Quercyl A is meticulously crafted through specialized and stringent methods, harnessing the essence of American oak heartwood through a natural treatment process. 

In its concentrated powder form, the extract mirrors in high concentration, the active ingredients found in new american untoasted oak barrels, enabling the gradual development of spirits and beverages organoleptic characteristics.

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By incorporating Quercyl A into beverages, the organoleptic characteristics evolve gradually, allowing for a nuanced and refined flavor profile over time.

Provides the woodiness necessary for maturing the best spirits.
Develops new aromas, specific to raw American oak: Notes of vanilla, coconut and spices.
Accelerates aging.
Harmonizes the taste of spirits.
Reinforces structure and color.
Brings roundness and aromatic complexity.
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Extrait chêne américain, tanin de chêne, oak extract
Quercyl A

Natural extract of American oak heartwood for the aging of spirits and brandies.